To be a salve on the plantation from day to day; longing to be free from the torture one endure from the hands of her master. Having to protect those that are deared to thee from being taking away and sold to some other plantation owner. What is it to be free to be my own person and not having to be chained and shackled. What is it like to be free; just as the white man who captured me from my mother land and brought me here in bondage. God my God free me from this terrible person who think he own me, but the truth is I was taken from my mother, father, sister and brother. Family ties broken because the hatred for the color of my skin. Father save me from the beast that swallow me. One day as long as I keep my eyes stayed on you I know one day I will be free to walk where I want and go where I want. I protect those things that are sacred to me. God Almighty free me! Free me!