This is a story of a girl named Fallen. She was a beautiful little girl, but she would get beat becuase she was a slave. She is now thirteen years old and her parents were brought to America only three years before she was born. She was alot different from the other girls at the plantation. She always seemed to be getting into some sort of trouble. She liked to go down to the river late at night and just dream. She loved the nature around her and she loved to sculpt things with it. She would use mud and all sorts of things. One day her and her parents just ran away they had put up with their masters long enough. There were people called manhunters. They were very mean people and they would hunt for fugitives,runaway slaves. There were wanted signs everywhere for her and her parents, but they couldn\’t give up now. They would just keep going and finally they came to a stop on the underground railroad. The next day when she awoke her parents had been taken away. She was in a different room and luckily they hadnt seen her, but now she was off on her own. It was too dangerous to go by herself, but it would be too risky to stay there again. So she set off. There were long restless nights filled with scarce. What had happened to