I\’d been waiting at my old house for Gale, but I realized he wasn\’t going to come. He\’s probably mad at me, and I don\’t blame him. I shouldn\’t have thrown peeta in his face like that. But it was true, he was jealous over Peeta, and Peeta didn\’t like him, either. I walked up the stairs of my old house\’s porch and went in. I spotted somethng out on the porch. A statue. It looked ancient, but it was probably from the capitol. \’\’ I wish Gale was here, so I could apoligize,\” I say. \”I wish this was all over.\’\” After I talked to the statue, I heard the swaying of grass, and the rumbling of leaves, like someone was walking behind me. I turned to see who it was. It was Gale. I thought he\’d been mad at me, well maybe he was still. But he came, anyway. \” Im sorry Gale,\” i say.