Hello I\’m Emmiline Deas and I live here in the town of Cornalla Rhode Island I am waiting for my two sons Corey and Davidson to get out of school. This is their school. This is the year 1997. When Corey and Davidson get out of school we will run away. We will run away because I used to work for a bad man named sawer. Sawer was A very mean man he made us wear uncomtrable uniforms and paid us very little. I had to work for him beacause no one else would hire me. Yesterday I did not have enough food to give my children or enough yarn to make clothes so I stole one of Sawers golden lamps and a bucket full of knitting supplies. With the knitting suplies I made this dress Which has my children on it. I know Sawer will soon be after me so once my children get out of school we will run away where Sawer can never find us. I am so worried will I get caught. I am gazing at the face of my husband who was killed by Sawer.